How to get more saves on Instagram?

1. Use the right #hashtags on your posts.
If you are using the right hashtags on the posts, then it might help you a lot. Because using hashtags on your posts is just that you are defining a category so that your post might go to the category that the post is of. After defining the category, users can easily see your posts in that hashtag which type of post they are looking for. This throws a great impression on users and as well as on the Instagram algorithm also. So, try to make use of the #hashtags feature that Instagram is giving you.

2. Use #hashtags in your stories and bio too
A question will be arising in your mind: what is the use of using hashtags in the Instagram stories and bio, and how can they help get more saves on the post. For all your questions, the simple answer is that using hashtags in your stories and bios doesn't help get saves on the posts, but they allow you to reach more people and usually expand your accounts' reach.

3. Find out what your audience is seeking for
You have to do research and ask your audience for which topic they are seeking. If you provide information about that topic, then nobody can stop your Instagram post's saves from increasing. The formula of if you will take care of your audience, then your audience will take care of yours.

4. Write great captions
Generally, captions are the reason for a people to like that post or not. The caption is the thing to tell the peoples what message your post is giving. So, writing a great caption can help to get more saves on Instagram. In simple words, the caption should define that what your post is about.

5. Tag the location of the post
This is the best method to get more saves on Instagram. According to research, the posts tagged with a location get more saves than those not tagged with a site. It forces the people to think that they have seen that location somewhere, and the chances of liking posts by them increase surely.

6. Post consistently
You have to post regularly on your account. Let's take an example. Not any single teacher loves a student who does not comes to his/her class regularly. You also have to make a schedule for posting on your account, whether twice a week, once a week, or daily.

7. Ask for the people's opinions.
If you ask for the people's opinions, then your audience thinks that you are giving importance to them and are treating them as your family. This is the best and easy method to get more saves on Instagram.

8. Don't post what others are posting
In whatever niche or market industry that you're in right now whether it's fitness, whether it is football, whether it is real estate, understand that right now, as I'm talking right now there is a proven post that is viral that people are liking that has got tens and thousands of comments or shares or saves that is circulating right now in your niche, a lot of them.

And rather than trying to figure things out, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, think about how you can model, not copy these best performing posts.

9. Take use of Call to Action
Now, most of the time, even though it's obvious, and you want people to like your post or comment on it, it doesn't seem obvious. So one of the things that you want to be doing is actually to tell people through a call to action, and this when you could say something along the lines of giving me alike.

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